Sirince Daily Travel

Enjoy your Sirince daily travel by joining Gigil Travel's regular small groups! Sirince is located on a plateau, behind a beautiful valley and surrounded by mountains. There are remains of nearly fifity churches and monasteries around the village. Authentic buildings are well preserved, especially the two churches in the village center.

In 5th century, during the 3rd General Council meeting on the principles of Christianity, it was said that virgin Mary was buried in Sirince. At the meeting they put forward a thesis suporting this fact and that Virgin Mary was mother of Jesus Christ. The Patriach of Istanbul talked about this thesis and defended it fervently in Istanbul. This caused a big commotion and so the Emperor, Theodosius asked for another meeting to be held Ephesus. During the meeting it was proven and recorded for the first time that virgin Mary was proven and recorded for the first time that virgin Mary was buried in Ephesus.

Sirince's construction style today belongs to Anatolian Greeks. The houses on the slope are all original with white washed paintings.. The view of the entrance of the vilage and the streets are also wonderful where you can taste delicous wines. Sirince daily travel include your hotel pick up, transportation, typical lunch and guiding service.

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